The function of a UTW is to become the daily currency in metaverse and for the section Fun to Work, which will turn into the token users will receive for their tasks and the one they will be using for purchases within the different games. It will have a limited supply, controlling their variation on the basis of demand and periodical burn outs as part of the commissions and transactions within the Metaverse.
UTC is the criptocoin created by Cripto Country. Its main function would be the coin being used to purchase in the marketplace. Apart from being interchangeable for UTW to have transactions within the metaverse and the different games. It will have a maximum supply of UTC with an issue alongside some time to facilitate transactions among the new users of metaverse. Having a maximum and deflational supply due to the periodical burn outs caused by commissions.
Within the marketplace , for every purchase or sale of NFTs, a commission of 1 UTC is charged. The burnouts of UTC will result in transactions in the network (commissions). Twenty per cent of the commissions will be applied to the burnouts of UTC. The commissions accumulated bimonthly will be delivered to an inaccessible address in the network. In this way, this process will be accomplished bimonthly up to a burnout of 40% of the total supply, thus generating a deflationary
model in time.
If the total of bimonthly commissions comes to 10,000,000UTC , that will immediately lead to the burnout of 20% of these UTC that is to say 2,000,000 UTC.
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