In competitive matches are to play a Tribute of Arena with their UTW. If combatants miss the target they will not have their UTW back. If combatants succeed, they will recover the whole of their UTW, apart from being awarded 50% of what the losers contributed as Tribute . After each match, depending on its result will increase or increase The Rank of the Player enabling them to face players of the same rank.
Player 1 pays a Tribute of 50 UTW.
Player 2 pays a Tribute of 50 UTW.
The Winner of the Arena recovers his 50 UTW and gains 50% from the other player. The other 50% UTW go back to Cripto Country System. That is to say, supposing the winner were player1, the whole of UTW being the winner received 25 UTW and player 2 lost 50 UTW.