Ethereum City is one of the most important cities in the metaverse of Cripto Country, based on a story where the main character is Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik created Ethereum City where all his avatars will look like miners, it is said that the most evolved criptonians are inside this city. Thanks to the creation of smart contracts all Criptonians in Cripto Country can sell their land and also rent it to another user. Vitalik understood throughout his life and after traveling all over Cripto Country that more was missing than applications that were not generalist enough. All Criptonians must understand that Ethereum exists as part of an autonomous peer-to-peer financial system, free from government intervention and this makes it so that all Criptonians can have freedom within Cripto Country. Vitalik lives in ETHEREUM CITY, very few Criptonians have seen it, but all would like to have such a privilege, within Cripto Country we understand that without these envoys of Crypthron, none of this would be possible.
Ethereum City has a map of 1 Km x 1 Km that will permanently change its environment as its users will advance in the construction of their property and thus make their land more valuable within the metaverse. This map contains only 50 lands. Currently within the Ethereum City map there are 350,000 lands, these are divided into 7,000 cells of 50 lands each, all these cells have identical shape.
This means that each cell contains 50 lands and that each map will be hosted on a different server, this is why our graphical quality within the metaverse can be maintained in excellent condition. Criptonians who belong to Ethereum City will participate every day in a completely natural environment with some futuristic areas where they can see vegetation, sea, mountains, animals, houses, eco-tech mining poles. All Criptonians will be able to see Vitalik's house inside the city. The concept of keeping a LIMITED amount of land is to form a deflationary buy/sell market, this land is transferred to the users through NFT (NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN). This is how each Criptonian receives his digital property.
Ethereum City Map
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50 Land Cells
Yellow: Land
Green Color: Vegetation (Recreation and resource spaces)
Brown Color: Dirt roads
Gray Color: Asphalt streets
Blue Color: Water