Bitcoin City is the first city created in the continent of Cripto Country, based on a story where the main character is Satoshi Nakamoto.
Satoshi is a farmer who created a city for all those users who wanted a fairer economy without any government to make decisions and / or opinion on the personal economy of each Criptonian, when Satoshi creates Bitcoin City did it with the desire to help, decentralize and create a more equitable society making all people living in his city can get economic benefits based on their work and good behavior, users stand out for their intelligence of how they work / play every day on their property and their social environment. Satoshi lives in the city of BITCOIN CITY , very few criptonians know him , everyone knows where he lives but no one has ever seen him. Bitcoin City has a map of 1 Km x 1 Km that will permanently change its environment as its users will advance in the construction of their property and thus make their land more valuable in the metaverse. Within this map there are only 50 land plots. Currently within the Bitcoin City map there are 400,000 terrains, these are divided into 8,000 cells of 50 terrains, all these cells are identical in format. This means that each cell contains 50 terrains, each map will be hosted on a different server is why our graphic quality within the metaverse can be maintained in excellent condition. Criptonians who belong to Bitcoin City will participate every day in a completely natural environment where they can see vegetation, lakes, sea, mountains, animals, houses, mills, art and the house of SATOSHI NAKAMOTO.
Bitcoin City has 400,000 plots of land but Satoshi Nakamoto with his master plan is that there are only 300,000 plots of land and therefore 6,000 cells of 50 plots.
The concept of holding a LIMITED amount of land is to form a deflationary buy/sell market, this land is transferred to users via NFT (Non-Fungible Token). This is how each Criptonian receives his digital property.
Bitcoin City Map
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50 Land Cells
Yellow: Land
Green Color: Vegetation (Recreation and resource spaces)
Brown Color: Dirt roads
Gray Color: Stone streets
Blue Color: Water