In order to play in PvE mode the players must adquire the Land and Equipment NFTs. These days lands of up to three cities can be acquired, unlike the 7 that will be for sale. Users can generate UTW (Unit Trade Win) by means of Farmeo (Farm to Earn) either in Bitcoin city with agrocultural activities, fishing and cattle as well as industrial activities in Solana City, biochemical industries of Luna City, communication enterprises of Polygon City and Zoological activities of Dodge city.
Such a token of utility will allow either the player or investor to purchase goods and services within Metaverse, just as well as taking part in different gambling and strategy games within the section Fun to Earn of our ecosystem. To play in PvP mode the players must purchase the NFTs of equipment that correspond to every arena. Users will have the possibility of generating UTW by playing and betting in every game, combat arena, shooting, science fiction, car races, telekinesis, magic, sports and strategy. Added to that, any user can have access to tasks like casino and games suggested by the section Fun to Earn in our web where UTW could be generated being interchangeable with UTC.