At the beginning of time, in the immense and dark universe, there was only one being, Crypthron. There was nothing and no one like him, only an infinite space. He was not aware of the passage of time. Concepts like “yesterday”, “today” or “tomorrow” were irrelevant to him, because he was eternal. He wandered through nothing looking for something similar or different from him. But in the darkness of space, it was easy to get lost, and fail to distinguish up from down, front from back, and right from left. Wherever he went he was met with the same feeling of emptiness. It didn't take long for him to understand that he was a unique, incomparable and unrepeatable phenomenon. This caused him a great feeling of loneliness and nonsense, which he decided to change. He discovered that his mind had the power to materialize ethereal ideas into tangible objects. And that was how he understood that the universe was a canvas on which he could create whatever he wanted. First, he began by illuminating his surroundings, creating small luminous spheres that he scattered randomly through space, giving them the name of "stars". But while they did their job, they didn't give Crypthron the light he needed to work. He concentrated an immense amount of power, almost as much as he had used for the entirety of the stars. And he created the largest light source of all, which he named "sun". He continued to create a rigid and firm platform, with different territories, rocky, sandy and mountainous. It stretched for millions of kilometers, with a great variety of minerals. There he could put his feet down and stop floating aimlessly in space, he called it “Land”. Then he created an indispensable element for the purpose of his work, which he named "water". He spread it in liquid form, creating the oceans and seas around the firmament. Solid, giving rise to glaciers that floated in the sea. Gaseous, generating the clouds that were suspended in the heights. He was pleased to see the world he had created so far, and gave it the name "Thron". But his work was not yet finished, the most complex task was to populate the world with living beings, like him, who would keep him company in the years to come. The first creatures were very simple, unable to move, much less think like him, he named them "plants". But they became the most abundant beings in the world, since they were found in a large part of the land and ocean surface. Crypthron soon discovered something he had never seen before, death. His creations were not capable of living as long as him. So, he gave them the ability to reproduce, so that the world would never be uninhabited. After his first successful attempt, he gave his new creations a new element, the soul, and therefore called them "animals". Now they were able to move and interact with each other, although they lacked reason. Finally, he reached the result he wanted, beings made in his image and likeness, endowed with intelligence. These individuals were almost perfect, Crypthron could already feel among equals, he blessed them with the name of "criptonians". The Criptonians were aware from the first moment of the existence of their creator. Their lifestyle was peaceful and harmonious, they did not intend to harm anyone, they just enjoyed the gift of life that Crypthron had given them. The land where Crypthron summoned the Criptonians was the most fertile and abundant in resources in all of Thron, which its inhabitants called "Cripto Country", in honor of its creator. In a short time, they made use of it to build and progress as a society by leaps and bounds.
Crypthron was known in many ways, "The Primordial", "The Creator", "The God". But he detested those titles, his goal was to create a world inhabited by equals. But without looking for it, he had become a superior being, by creating beings of a lower nature than him. Crypthron spent years walking among the Criptonians, camouflaged as one of their own. He changed his identity and residence from time to time, trying to lead a normal life like that of any other inhabitant of Crypto Country. From anonymity he watched the evolution and growth of the Criptonian society. He enjoyed having conversations and discussions with them, although most of the time he found them boring or very uninteresting. But even so, he managed to generate friendly relationships with many of them, neighbors, merchants or with the same people he regularly met on the street. The Criptonians knew of his existence, but had never seen him, those who claimed to have had contact with him, were treated as crazy. Many times, Crypthron revealed his existence in subtle ways, to help needy or troubled Criptonians through his gifts. Although normally he does not like to intervene and preferred that the advancement of society occur naturally.
These isolated acts began to circulate by mouth, forming a religious image around Crypthron. And this ended up forming a religion, with its own rules, rites and holidays. Temples and monuments were created in his honor, to represent his image and power. These structures became the meeting point and worship of the faithful. Crypthron never asked them, much less subjected them to such acts, because he wanted to feel like just another Criptonian. But the religion had spread throughout Cripto Country, he could no longer do anything to prevent it. With greater reason the god stopped intervening and dedicated himself only to observing and caring for his creations.
In the years he remained hidden, he was able to see conflicts between Criptonians, from simple arguments to fights and even murder. Crypthron felt great pain and sorrow witnessing these situations, he wanted a calm and peaceful world.
Crypthron detected a strange aura in them, a dark energy, which was repeated as the same pattern in all Criptonians. This aura intensified when conflict situations were generated between two or more people, he called it "evil".
Only he was able to see it, for his senses were not comparable to those of any other mortal. The god was convinced that he had not been the cause of that dark energy. Determined to eradicate her from the Criptonians' soul, he tracked her down to the source of her origin.
Crypthron followed this dark energy as if it were a floating thread, like a spider's web, multi-stranded and branching. Everything led to the same place, to the peak of the highest mountain in the world. No mortal would survive that high; only Crypthron was capable of getting there, or so he thought.
The god was surprised to see a humanoid being standing firm on the mountain peak, arms outstretched over the precipice. Crypthron felt in that entity an evil much greater and more intense than that of any other Criptonian. He could clearly see how the dark energy that he had tracked from Cripto Country emanated from his body.
Crypthron was sure that this being was something very different from his creations, it was an entity just like him. Crypthron caught the stranger's attention and asked him threateningly.
Crypthron - Who or what are you?
Darko - We finally meet Crypthron… My name is Darko.
Darko turned around to meet Crypthron's eyes, with a defiant gaze.
Darko - I'm like you, but different at the same time.
Crypthron - Are you a god?
Darko - Interesting title, quite simple, like the minds of those who bestowed it on you.
Crypthron - I command you to stop this instant, you do not have my consent to do whatever you are doing.
Darko - I am clearly taking control of their minds... You should see it as a favor, I am helping you correct your imperfect creation.
Crypthron - Through coercion, conflict and violence...
Darko - The means used are justified by the desired end.
Crypthron - I don't know what you're after, but you're going to stop right now…
Crypthron ran to Darko, grabbed him tightly, and they both fell into the void. As they descended, they punched each other in the air with their fists, holding each other back so as not to move away. They collided several times against the mountain, but the rocks suffered more than their bodies.
Finally, they hit the ground causing gigantic craters. They both got up quickly without a scratch, only with a little dirt on their clothes.
Darko - This is useless, you won't get anything brother!
Crypthron - Don't call me that! I don't know you and I don't intend to...
Darko - Of course we are brothers, we both come from the same place…from the same dark void.
Crypthron - Then you can leave this world and return to the void right now.
Darko - I didn't run away from the darkness like you! I chose to embrace and spread it
Crypthron - Not here...
Darko - I will destroy your creation until there is only darkness again.
Crypthron - To touch a single Criptonian, you'll have to kill me first...
Darko - That's not as difficult as you think...
Both ran towards each other at high speed, preparing the next blow. They collided their fists simultaneously, causing a shock wave that cracked the earth and spread over the mountain, splitting it in two. Neither paid attention to the debris falling around them. The confrontation continued until the mountain finally crushed them.
Minutes after the collapse Crypthron hit the last rock covering his way to the surface. He got up on the rubble of the mountain, as if nothing had happened. His body had endured something that no mortal being could have survived. The god looked in all directions looking for Darko, spent hours walking, but saw no trace of him. Crypthron was sure that his rival had escaped.
Darko's corruption continued to spread throughout Cripto Country, reaching the highest spheres of society. The powerful people replaced the barter system with fiat money, a centralized currency in the hands of a few. For many years they used this financial system, which allowed them to issue the amount they wanted, plummeting the value of the currency and harming the rest.
From the shadows, Darko had taken control of Cripto Country and was leading it into misery, intending that Criptonian society could not recover financially. Only Crypthron was aware of this, so he decided to take real action on the matter.
He had to find a way to counteract the corruption behind fiat money, until he found Darko again. Only by hunting him down could he put an end to the problems he was causing in Cripto Country.
Crypthron admired the great inventors, who, just by carrying out an idea, were capable of solving the problems and needs of society. They lacked the power to spontaneously and instantly create things like he did, but he could harness the resources he had given them to accomplish their projects.
The chosen one was Satoshi Nakamoto, a complete unknown with great ideas. Crypthron saw something special in him, a mind with a potential like no other. The god decided to make himself present for the first and only time before Nakamoto to entrust him with a mission. Crypthron asked him to create a way to fight the centralization and corruption of fiat money, which the devil had caused and incentivized.
Nakamoto developed a new form of finance, completely decentralized, to bring transparency and economic security to Cripto Country. Satoshi called his invention "Bitcoin", an accounting book that would keep track of all transactions and to which all its users would have access. In addition, only 21 million coins would be issued, contrary to fiat money and its uncontrolled inflationary issuance.
The invention was a resounding success that brought abundance where it was lacking. The people who had been most affected by inflation found salvation in Bitcoin. In a short time, this invention was in the hands of millions of criptonians.
For decentralization to be truly effective, criptonians should understand that there was no person or group that manipulated the issuance of money at their own discretion. For this reason, Crypthron made Nakamoto promise that once his work was finished, he would disappear and never be known as his programmer. The inventor accepted his fate, never making himself known and hiding from the public eye, just as Crypthron had done for centuries.
A group of criptonians called "The miners'' continued with the legacy of Nakamoto, contributing to the proper functioning and progress of it. Nakamoto was called the “First Miner'', he was represented as a hooded man, whose face could not be seen, with a pickaxe in one hand and a crypto token in the other.
Young Vitalik Buterin, a genius programmer, had experienced the evil and corruption of centralization. He saw the potential of the technology created by the First Miner and the importance of decentralization, which led him to become a Bitcoin user.
But it seemed to Buterin that the potential of this technology was much greater than just being a ledger. He decided to start his own project together with a team of criptonians like him, which he called “Ethereum”. Taking advantage of the gift that the First Miner gave to the world the power to innovate.
With the help of decentralized technology, criptonians fought the inflation and corruption of fiat money, turning it into worthless paper in a short time.
Smart contracts were a complete revolution in the Criptonian society. Voting in DAOs became the standard format for Crypto Country. Thanks to them, fraud and manipulated results were almost eliminated.
Although Nakamoto had been very careful not to leave traces of his existence. The miners discovered the city that he had inhabited for a long time.
It was an incredible coincidence that Bitcoin was best adopted as an everyday currency. A resident posted a petition on the city's DAO, proposing to change the city's name to "Bitcoin City." The vote was carried out and had the greatest impact and participation of all and the results were in favor of renaming it as Bitcoin City.
The whole world trusted that the First Miner would make an appearance at that event. Many impostors spoke and pretended to be him. His myth had spread to such a high level that it was impossible to trust the so-called Satoshis.
In any case, Nakamoto usually did not participate in technological fairs and exhibitions. He only attended the ceremony in which Buterin's hometown was renamed "Ethereum City", which he and his team attended as honorary guests.
After the ceremony, Buterin appeared in an auditorium before a very select audience to talk about the importance of decentralization in the functioning of Crypto Country.
Nakamoto stood there listening carefully to Buterin, who reminded him of a younger version of himself.
Nakamoto followed Buterin's career for many years. He was amazed with every step the Ethereum project took. Seeing how far blockchain technology had advanced filled him with happiness.
After the exhibition, Nakamoto decided to approach Buterin in the middle of the crowd to greet him and chat with him for a few seconds, using the pseudonym he had at the time.
Nakamoto - Mr. Buterin, I introduce myself, Keitaro Watanabe, professor of mathematics at Bitcoin City University.
Buterin - Nice to meet you professor... The best city to study and work on the blockchain.
Nakamoto and Buterin shake hands.
Nakamoto - That's right, I have been involved in blockchain technology for many years and have been following your project since its inception.
Buterin - Thank you very much, you have done a very important work in the progress of this technology. I will travel in a few weeks to Bitcoin City, if you want, we could meet to chat more quietly ...
Nakamoto - It would be an honor to Mr. Buterin.
Buterin: I'd like you to tell me how you created it all...
Nakamoto: I beg your pardon?
Buterin: I have to go, see you in a few weeks... First Miner...
Nakamoto - I think you're getting the wrong person....
Nakamoto was taken aback by Buterin's comments... Only one question was running through his head at that moment... How did he know that?
Quickly, Nakamoto walked away from the crowd in fear that someone else might recognize him.
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